8 thoughts on “Re-Up: GucciXXX & Jackie Red-HBM&D10

  1. niggas are sleeping on this scene. the light skinned one who i think is jackie red has an awesome donk. also, i think niggas will get a kick out of the fail on her ass tat. bitch got the word “tasty” misspelled. it says “tastey”

    1. Lol, the whole tat is jacked up. Big ass pictures of fruit???
      And it looks like it was all done by a drunk dude with a magic marker, lol.

      But it is what it is.

  2. Preciate it BN for the re-up. Is this file Rar????My phone don’t support Rar files I could never figure out how to play them

    1. No this is not an RAR file. It is a regular mp4 file as most of the others are.

      BTW: .RAR files are multi-part files. You have to download all parts and then join them using WinRAR.

      1. Ok thanks bro thanks.Any word on those other vids I asked about on the request page or you haven’t got around to them yet???

        1. I don’t know, I’d have to look at the list again (I get TONS of requests daily).
          However I do plan to knockout some requests now throughout the weekend.

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