The Booty Basement

 GucciXXX & Jackie Red-HBM&D10



  • dimensionx says:

    niggas are sleeping on this scene. the light skinned one who i think is jackie red has an awesome donk. also, i think niggas will get a kick out of the fail on her ass tat. bitch got the word “tasty” misspelled. it says “tastey”

    • BN says:

      Lol, the whole tat is jacked up. Big ass pictures of fruit???
      And it looks like it was all done by a drunk dude with a magic marker, lol.

      But it is what it is.

  • Anonymous says:

    please reup

  • kan says:

    can you re-up in ultramegabit please

  • Django Unchained says:

    Could you possibly add a link on Depositfiles by any chance ?
    i’d appreciate it

  • Django Unchained says:

    Well, could you please try and add another link ? whether its Rapidshare, Ryushare or netload ? Im asking this because that Rapidgator link is for premium users only.

    • BN says:

      Lol, have you seen us use any of those hosts…anytime…anywhere on this site?

      • joe says:

        Preciate it BN for the re-up. Is this file Rar????My phone don’t support Rar files I could never figure out how to play them

        • BN says:

          No this is not an RAR file. It is a regular mp4 file as most of the others are.

          BTW: .RAR files are multi-part files. You have to download all parts and then join them using WinRAR.

          • joe says:

            Ok thanks bro thanks.Any word on those other vids I asked about on the request page or you haven’t got around to them yet???

          • BN says:

            I don’t know, I’d have to look at the list again (I get TONS of requests daily).
            However I do plan to knockout some requests now throughout the weekend.

  • joe says:

    Ok good looking

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