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  1. Please i need reups on the missing Roxy Reynolds stuff please, if possible.

  2. @BN1
    I hope all has been well throughout these interesting/crazy years, Bro. This is @TheHomieKickinIt. Longtime no message/comment. Visiting this site, and posting my thoughts on black porn/pornstars (for you, @BN1, the other visitors/members of the Basement) “helped” during past times of struggle.

    With all that mentioned, I think I’ve finally put together a Too Ten List of My Favorite Pornstars. A list that feels true…with all my years of watching freak hoes getting smashed on camera, and forever getting smash on our favorite online xxx sites.

    So here it is….

    My Top Ten Favorite Pornstars
    (2000s to Now)

    1 Caramel
    2 Jayla Foxx
    3 Nina Rotti
    4 Ana Foxxx
    5 Skyy Black
    6 Angel Eyes
    7 Gorgeous Aphro
    8 Pink
    9 Mya G
    10 Cherokee D’Ass

    The Qualifications for Choosing & Creating My Top Ten Favorite Pornstar List Include:

    1. Good/Great Headgame, Good/Great
    Arch Game with Doggy, Dickriding, etc.

    2. Beauty/Physique/Style/Distinction
    (Face/Eyes/Smile, Titties/Bitties, Hips &
    Waists, Ass/Booty,
    Legs/Thighs/Calves, Hairstyles,
    Tattoos, etc.)

    3. Good/Great Personality (Nice/Friendly,
    Funny/Goofy, Shy, Freaky/Fun, Hood,

    4. Sexy Moans, Talk, and Submission.

    5. Not Doing The Most (with sex talk,
    moaning, blowjobs, etc.)

    6. Not Scared of the Money Shot

    7. Consistency/Work Ethic

    8. The Top Five Should Have Atleast 10
    Years in the Industry, and is Currently
    Active/Shooting Content (even if it’s
    mostly solo/softcore content)

    9. List Should Include Legendary and
    Under-appreciated Performers

    10. Supports Black Companies/Sites,
    and/or Produces Their Own Content
    (via their own website, Onlyfans,
    ManyVids, Fansly, etc..), as well as
    performing for White/Bigger Name

    1. What’s good bro. It’s been a minute.

      That’s a mean list and some legit criteria for it.
      Nice range and variety too. Multiple eras, Multiple body types.

      Gonna give it some thought and see if I can come up with my own updated top 10 to compare.

  3. @BN1, Waddup Chief! I hope all is well and relaxing this Wednesday morning (or whatever time of the day you read this). I look forward to reading your updated Top 10 Favorite List.

    Speaking of updates, my list (along with any of these lists or polls we’ve share) was atleast five years in the making (since 2017, I’m pretty sure of it). You know how difficult it is narrowing down all those names. I mean, just making a list of all our favorite pornstars (specifically Black pornstars, in this case) is tedious, and time-consuming, alone.

    And then comes the process of elimination, based on certain requirements/qualifications I also listed above. For longest time (within those five, or so, years), I had Nina Rotti at #1, Angel Eyes at #2, and Jayla Foxx at #3, Caramel at #4, and Ana Foxxx at #5….with other Top Names/Performers like Toni Sweets, Vanessa Monet, Nyomi Banxxx, Hydie Waters, Ms Platinum, Adriana Maya, Jersey Montana, Lenore, Luana Alves, Amerika, Janae Jolie, Blu Diamond, Leilani Leeanne, Nautica Monroe, and Michelle Tucker (and a few more) being swapped out, and/or added alongside the Top/First Names/Candidates listed.

    I had to keep reminding myself something like, “This is a list of my Top Ten Favorite Pornstars, who I keep replaying over, and over , and over again…within the last 20 years (more like 15-16 years, I wasn’t “taking names” like like until my college years).

    This shit was difficult to put together. Because I/we want to include so many performers who equally deserve to be recognized as Top Ten Talent. Again, it helps to remind yourself, when putting together your own list of your Favorite Top Ten Pornstars (specifically Black Performers, in this case)…you want to list who you’ve watched over, and over, and over again. And whoever you list…they have to be great at what they do…they gotta look sexy doing what they do…and they gotta put in work over time.

    So if you, @BN1 (or any other Basement Members/Visitors) want to include a Top Ten Performer like Tia Sweets in your Favorite Top Ten Pornstars List…and claim she’s better than some of the names in my Favorite Top Ten List. Sure we could debate…but honestly, I didn’t watch Tia Sweets as much as I watched some other Legendary/Top Ten Performers (who are also known for their dickriding skills…yeah, I know Tia Sweets is among the best for that). It may have been a thing that I wasn’t attracted to someone like Toni Sweets, more so than Tia Sweets. But they are both Top Ten Performers.

    With all that mentioned, I’m interested in reading your Lists soon. I have Favorite Top Ten Lists for Latina Pornstars, and White Pornstars (our melanin-deficit sistas :D). I’m finishing a Favorite Top Ten List for Asian Pornstars, and a Favorite Top Ten List for Middle-Eastern Performers.

    On another health/wellness note….

    I may start receiving treatment for personal struggles soon sometime soon. Like in the next month or so. I’ve been struggling a long time with sex addiction, y’all. I’ve attended 12-Step programs/meetings too. This addiction is a helluva drug (Rick James voice, RIP). But I remain optimistic, I’m not sitting still (waiting for a miracle)…I’m reaching out for the best help for my severe situation. And it’s looking like (which I can’t believe I’m saying/sharing) I’ll be going into a Treatment/Rehab Center. A 10-12 week program type setup.

    So, I’m sharing all of that…a little of the freak shit, with a little of the health/wellness shit…to keep it all the way real with any & everyone reading this. As much as I’ve enjoyed, and found pleasure in watching this porn shit…this shit has has taken a toll on real life experiences.

    Sex is something to be taken serious with passion and consideration with the partner/party involved. I don’t give a fuck how spontaneous, and quickly the fuck session goes down. After Nut Clarity is real…and none of should treat partners we have sex with as just that…sex partners. And these performers, Bro…these performers are just performers (which we all know…or should know). They are “Sex Workers”. They’re not doing these performances/scenes because they vibe with they’re co-stars (I mean sure…some, if not many, start/end up have a connection/vibe with their co-stars). But they are doing porn (aka freaky sex situations on camera)…for a check. It’s all for check (i.e. “Performers/Sex Workers”).

    Take whatever steps, with he help available in/around your city (a G00gle search away) that y’all need to lead a healthier & happier life. That’s what I’ve been struggle with. I’m not preaching to y’all. I’m sharing healthy thoughts, for healthy conversation, and healthy/stronger moves forward.

    Yeah, the contradiction in what I typed at the top/beginning, compared what I typed about towards the bottom/end is crazy. Crazy contradicting messages/topics. This is the human condition of growth, y’all.

    Peace & Love,

  4. A couple typos went down in my new/previous comment. The one I gotta correct is the line, “It may have been a thing that I wasn’t attracted to someone like Toni Sweets, more so than Tia Sweets.”

    Some of y’all, if not all of y’all reading probably know I meant for that to be, “It may have been a thing that I was attracted to someone like Toni Sweets, more so than Tia Sweets.”

    1. What’s good bro.

      You are right, it is way tougher than one might think to pare down a list to just a Top 10, especially when you cover multiple eras. Honestly I could do a top 25 and still have names to spare.
      And there’s the fact that my personal tastes run the gamut. Some chicks I like because they have a certain feature I appreciate (fat cat, great thigh/hip/ass ratio, etc), others may remind me of someone IRL, and of course there are those who I simply appreciate their performances and their contributions to the game.

      Anyway, here’s my list (in no particular order):
      TOP TEN:
      Toni Sweets
      Roxy Reynolds
      Angel Eyes
      Ms Platinum
      Marie Luv
      Alayah Sashu
      Alicia Tyler
      Mone Divine


      Pleasure Bunny
      Sandi Jackmon
      Stacie Lane
      Kira Noir
      Beauty Dior

      That’s where my list stands today. Tomorrow may be a different story.

      As for the second part of your missive; I appreciate you sharing your struggle. I know that’s not always easy and your sharing might just help others who may be in a similar space.
      I hope you find the help you need to get back to a healthy and comfortable place. You’ve conquered the first (and most important) step, recognizing the need.
      Mental and emotional well-being are just as important as physical health and fortunately society seems to be moving to a place where help in those areas is more readily available and accessible.

  5. @BN1 What’s Good Bro,
    Your feedback is appreciated more than you know. I’ve been steps forward, to take care of myself…and just to maintain my responsibilities as an adult. I’m lining my ducks in row…to prepare for entering a treatment center/rehab…so I can receive “restrictions” I need to put this fantasy/lust addiction behind me. It feels crazy every time I mention that…because I never I would have to take that method. Then again…some years ago…I didn’t even know I had an addiction (especially at such a severe, unique level). So yeah, I appreciation your feedback. I appreciation your support, and encouragement.

    With all that mentioned….

    Your Top Ten Favorite List…*Chef’s Kiss.
    I can’t even debate…I can’t…man…those names/performers are Longtime Fan Favorites (including the Honorable Mentions). I’m very happy you put Toni Sweets on your Top Ten List. Along with Angel Eyes, Ms Platinum, Marie Luv (Miss Phat Pussy, herself), Caramel…and all the other names.

    Roxy Reynolds was probably the one pornstar who really got me hooked on pornstars (especially then-current Black pornstars) back in High School. I’m not proud to admit this…but I snuck into my cousin backpack (when he was staying with me…just to listen to his music…and I stumbled across a porn flick (along with his Speakerbox/The Love Below CD…which I was aiming to find & listen to). My eyes lit up when I found that porn movie. And I’ll always remember Roxy’s scene, and Amerika’s scene, that had me like (Mindblown). This was my Sophomore Year.

    There was also an up-and-coming starlet/performer who attended my High School (during my Junior Year). She was in 404Girls, a threesome scene with Mr. Marcus, and another with a Brotha who I don’t know/remember the name of. I’ll always remember one of the hustla homies showing us nude/porn modeling pics. But she was still in High School. I found her online (404Girls), at the time. But it took me years to fully realize how problematic that situation was…because she underage. Or she got held back at 18yr olds (I do remember being told she was a Senior at the time). Whatever the truth of the matter is… that was all kinds of problematic. I was a young, shy, passionate artist with the heart of a leader & of an one-woman man…but I was secretly obsessing over women in all their glory and raunchiness.

    Back to your Top Ten List….

    I salute it to the highest zenith of salutes, my guy.

    Pursuajon – Slim-To-Thicky Thick, Fun, Around The Way Girl

    Toni Sweets – Fun, Especially If That Money Right…She Either Super Laid Back, or She Gonna Be Spicy/Witty With Hers…Either way, That Booty Gonna Be Booty’ing

    Caramel – One of the Prettiest Smiles, Best Personality, Crazy Sex Drive…She Will Suck All The Nut Out…And Drain The Balls Drizzah. And She Still During Her Thing (via 0nlyf@n$).

    Roxy Reynolds – She really left the Game right when she got herself one of the juiciest ass enhancements. Even though her ass/body was crazy sexy without the bbl-type upgrade. It’s been discussed previously that she is one of the greatest to ever perform in-front of camera…but there are times when she clearly is not in the mood to “have fun”. Either way, she’s a goat.

    Angel Eyes – My Personal Favorite. Everything from the head game, to the moans & freaky words she be saying while riding & taking sick dick. She really does have enchanting eyes…along with a pretty smile. She never disappoints. Another goat.

    Ms Platinum – Soft spoken, but deadly to the dick. Head game too serious. She takes pride in her blowjobs. It’s all the swerving neck motions…and eye contact. She trying to suck a Brotha speechless, in every scene. She looks sexy as fuck the way she takes dick…the facial expressions…and the moans. She a feisty/spicy one, too. She can be soft…but she got a little bark. She has a pretty eyes, and a pretty smile, as well.

    Marie Luv – Miss Phat Pussy, aka The Slim Queen SuperFreak Herself. So freaky that is like watching an Artist at Work. I’m not a fan of watching anal sex in porn (as well as in real life)…but even she makes anal sex look sexy….every now and again (I still don’t like that shit, no pun intended). What is it about her deep voice that actually sounds sexy? It doesn’t make sense why she makes being so freaky look sexy. She is a goat, without question.

    Alayah Sashu – I haven’t watched her scenes in minute…but when I did, that ass had me glued to the screen. I mean sheesh. She’s sexy. I gotta brush up on a couple of her scenes. She’s a fan favorite, for sure.

    Alicia Tyler – Rest in Paradise, Beautiful Lady. She is/was one of the sexiest performers to do her thing in-front of cameras. There are a couple scenes I go back to, where she is so seductive…and she just make you fall in lust with her. Pretty eyes, pretty lips (plump dsl lips), her sexy bob-cut hairstyle…they way she wore sexy leggings/stockings. Yeah, she was one of those “Overnight Stars”.

    Mone Divine – Very sexy Lady. Pretty smile. She has that “come thru & chill” vibe about her (when it’s more like “cum thru & get blown”). Crazy, Sexy, Cool vibes. A Star who’s name gets overshadowed by other “bigger” names. But she’s the “Best Kept Secret” type. Where was she at when I was living in Downtown Atlanta, in college.

    And with all that mentioned….

    Your Top Ten Favorites List inspired me to come up with an “Alternate Top Ten Favorite Pornstar List” (specifically Black Performers, in this case…because Freaky Black Women ARE THE BEST FREAKS. I put that on errthang.

    I gotta mention, this Alt. Top Ten List…this List low key is “jumpin over the jumpman” (the jumpman in this example being my original Top Ten Favorite List).

    So, here we go. Let’s see I can generate some hype off this Alternate List. This looking like the Avengers of Female Pornstars (All Black tho).

    Raise a cup to this, Bro. This list is “one of them ones” that’ll make you point at the screen like Leo DiCaprio in that ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Meme….

    My Alternate Top Ten Fav. Performers:

    1) Amerika
    2) Sierra Lust
    3) Toni Sweets
    4) Vanessa Monet
    5) Porsha Carrera
    6) Codi Bryant
    7) New Jersey
    8) Cheri Blaq (via M!ke D!rty sites)
    9) Ms. Juicy
    10) Lenore

  6. Adding Amerika on my Alternate Top Ten Favorite List did feel like a “forced choice”. Even though Amerika is sexy as fuck to me. I’m thinking either Kina Kara, Nyomi Banxxx, Pursuajon, Vida Valentine, or Candice Nicole. Oh the choices. If Leilani Leanne would’ve stuck around a lil longer and really glowed up…with the superstar freak make-over (and less anal sex)…she probably would’ve been an easy pick. But it’s alot those “Shoulda Coulda Woulda” performer careers. Shit…if Michelle Tucker would’ve stuck around longer…despite not having “the best performances”…she would’ve atleast had a level a “appreciation” and “stardom” similar to someone like Misty Stone. I’m not even a fan of Misty Stone’s performances. But I understand why she gets the appreciation and respect she’s given. She mentored other stars like Chanell Heart. Speaking of which, Chanel’s Porn Twin, Skyler Nicole…I love/lust me some Skyler Nicole. She just got that sex appeal. And she can suck mean d!ck. I’m typing away with slightly-random thoughts right now. Point of this was to highlight how you mentioned your lust can change/be adjusted the next day. I think I’m pretty satisfied with my original Top Ten Favorite Performer List.

    Here’s a random thought….

    What if we did Verzuz matches with some of our favorite performers. Like who you got between….

    Kapri Styles & Jazmine Cashmere
    Aryana Starr & Nyomi Banxxx
    Samone Taylor & Evanni Solei

    To name a few.

    1. Whats good bruh?
      Took me a minute to respond, been dealing with some health issues. Imagine dodging Covid for two years straight only to get waylayed by a respiratory infection out of nowhere. How does that old saying go…Air is like sex, it’s not important unless your aren’t getting any or something like that.

      Anyway, that’s an interesting alternate top ten. Not gonna lie, I had to lookup New Jersey and and Cheri Blaq.

      That Porn Verzuz idea is genius. I can vets/starlets hosting some of their best scenes head to head (pun fully intended) and closing with a new scene each. I think it would be hot.

      Chanell Heart vs Skyler Nicole
      Beauty Dior vs Cherokee D’Ass
      Candice Nicole vs Ms Platinum
      Diamond Jackson vs Nyomi Banxxx
      Marie Luv vs Jada Fire
      Stacie Lane vs Imani Rose
      Kira Noir vs Demi Sutra
      Roxy Reynolds vs Pinky
      Skin Diamond vs Honey Gold
      Adriana Maya vs Jamie Marleigh
      Mone Divine vs Jazmine Cashmere
      Melody Nakai vs Evanni Solei
      Mona Azar vs Carmela Clutch

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