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  1. No. Not at all. Anyway the bitch is a nut. She made a statement in an interview that she don’t fuck with brothers anymore. After that you she disappeared for a few months after the LT joints.

    Her newest scene you just posted it.

    I used to love her.

    Reminds me of dumb ass Isis Taylor. She did the same thing during an interview. Someone needs to tell the dumb bitch she’s married to a black guy. Ethan Hunt.

    She also hasn’t done any scenes since that interview.

    I could deal with Alexis “As soon as she has a kid she’s gonna be just another fat bitch from the south” Texas.

    But from a Latina who’s actually married to a black dude and this nut ass bitch.

    They get cut off.

    1. Hate to break it to you bruh, but that “interview” you saw wasn’t real.
      It was for D0gF@rt and if you don’t know that’s part of their schtick. They play up the race angle in their videos.
      They often have the black chick praising white cock or saying “this is my first white cock” (They actually had Marie Luv say that shit…her first white cock, LMAO!!!!!!)
      Just like they have the white girls saying “I’m a black cock slut!” etc, etc…
      That’s their thing.

      Unfortunately some clueless cats got the clip and posted it on gossip sites (WSHH, etc) and those who didn’t know better took it at face value.

      Love her or hate her, that’s your call. And I know there have been legitimate interviews where smut sluts have said they don’t do brothers (Havana Ginger for one) but just be aware that whenever you see D0gF@rt take it with a grain of salt.

      1. This argument is old as far as you guys go but I just (maybe two weeks ago) got hit with that argument at this spot where I upload torrents, that “she doesn’t deal with brothas” thing. Dude linked the youtube interview and everything. Didn’t know that it was part of a promo though.

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