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    1. If Umb improves their system and returns to their earlier format we will consider using them again
      but currently they are no longer a viable option for The Booty Basement.

  1. Yo BN, are you going to post those other BSH joints that I sent you? Also, do you have the Ruby scenes from Black Street Hookers #85 & from Super Anal Brazilian Butts? Thanks Bruh!

  2. If you can is it possible (If you don’t already have them on your site), can you post or re-up some exploited black teens videos? If you can I’d appreciate it. Thank-You

  3. I cant access this website anymore from my google chrome or firefox browser. I cleared the cache and still nothing. I am currently running tor browser just to be able to access the site. The problem started yesterday on the 23rd, it was working fine beforehand. Any suggestions?

    1. We apologize for the inconvenience. It appears there may be an issue with the server on which the site is hosted.
      If you would like, you could run a trace route to the site and email us the results so that we can pinpoint exactly where the problem is for you and try to get it resolved.
      Email your trace route results to:

      1. okay how do I do that? Im on I entered this sites address and it gave me an ip address do I just email that?

          1. To run traceroute on Windows:
            1) Open the command prompt. Go to Start > Run
            2) In the command prompt, type: tracert
            You may have to wait up to a minute or more for the test to complete. …
            3) Send us the complete results (every line) for analysis.

            Email the results to:

  4. I can’t download anything from rapidgator it keeps telling me too many connections. Any idea on how to fix?

      1. All of them. Just had one of those,”Your pc/iPad has been infected” websites trying to get back here.

          1. Thank you.

            That is an ad popup. You should be able to just close that tab/window and proceed normally.
            Let me know if you continue to have problems.

  5. Hi
    The site is taking me to that annoying pop up that says that your windows has been affected. if you try to get rid of it it locks your browser down and you have to terminate your whole sessions and restart the browser. i am using Chrome.

  6. How can we find the women posted on the header? Or can the video of the photo be posted first?

    1. Usually if you ask in the sidebar shoutbox, the female will be identified and a link to the scene will be provided (if there is one).

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