The Booty Basement

At The Booty Basement we try to maintain a degree of consistency with regard to the file hosts we choose to use, however, we hold no control, influence or authority over any file host.
As such, there are unfortunate occasions when circumstances may cause us to reassess our choices.

We strive to provide our visitors with multiple options for access.
Also important is finding a balance between benefits for the premium purchasers and accessibility for the free users.
Changes with previous hosts have made it difficult to continue working with them without compromising those points.
So we’ve sought out newer hosts that fit our criteria and that we believe should work well for our visitors.

Out of consideration for those who have purchased premiums from our previous file hosts we try to leave the links in earlier posts active for premium users.

We no longer work with AsFile, TeraFiles, UltraMB, File Sonic, File Serve
, FileGag, HipFile, Hot File, or SharpFile.
We have resumed working with Rapid Gator and FileFactory.

Going forward, if we should have occasion to change hosts, know that we do not take doing so lightly, and all is done with our visitors in mind.
So click your links, cop your premiums, and enjoy your time in The Basement.



* * * If you encounter a post you like but has an outdated host, try submitting a re-up request here. * * *


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